Licensing and Test Information


The FCC has requested and strongly urges that all applicants register for a FCC Registration Number (a.k.a. FRN).  If you are already licensed you will find the FRN on your license.  If you are a new applicant please follow the following instructions:

1:  Go to the FCC web at:  

2: Click on the left radio button ‘REGISTER”

3: Under “Registration Type” click “An Individual” then “Continue”

4: Follow the instructions (you may want to save a copy for future reference) and then click “SUBMIT”.

VEC Testing Schedule

WCARS VEC exams are normally offered by AJARC after each monthly meeting either before or after the meeting and require scheduling in advance.   The cost to take an exam is $10 at this time but will increase in the future.  Due to COVID 19 our exams are now custom scheduled for other times and places.  Use our contact page to schedule an exam.

READ IF ATTENDING  VEC EXAMS AND STUDY SESSIONS –  Register for a FRN if you do not already have a FCC license from any FCC radio service such as Amateur,  GMRS, Part 90 LMR,  or have not previously registered with the FCC.   The FRN becomes your FCC ID number and is associated with any license issued by the FCC .  REQUIRED: Bring your FRN and an official ID.    If you are upgrading you are required to bring a copy of your existing license and if you have a pending upgrade, you must bring the Certificate of Completion also.  If you fail an exam and want to retake it, there will be another exam fee charged.  If you pass an exam and want to attempt a higher class license exam, there is no extra charge to attempt it but if you fail you must pay an additional exam fee again to retake the failed exam.  There have been a few people who were able to pass all 3 exams in one sitting.  Exams must be taken in this order: Technician, General, Amateur Extra.


All day study sessions that require no books or previous studying are given occasionally.  All study materials are supplied.  The format is to study the questions with only the correct answer given in “cram” sessions with short breaks and a break for lunch.   In the afternoon the exam is given after the last study session ends.   There is a high success rate of passing.  The theory behind this method is the correct answer is stored in your short term memory.  Unfortunately very little of this information is retained in long term memory and quickly forgotten. 

If you have studied independently and only want to take the exam, usually the instructors will ask you to show up around 3 PM for the exam portion.  The cost remains the same to only take the exam.  Always contact the sponsors in advance to verify they will accept you to take only the exam.

The VE’s will tell you how many you missed but not the specific questions.  If you do not have a license you  can expect a several day wait before it shows up in the FCC ULS system.  Once your license is issued and appears in the ULS, you may begin to operate.   If you are upgrading, your Certificate of Completion authorizes immediate upgraded license privileges but you must append the appropriate qualifier (/AG for general, /AE for extra) to your call when exceeding your license class as it appears in the ULS. 

PLEASE REVIEW RULES AND OPERATING PROCEDURES BEFORE GETTING ON THE AIR!  Keying up repeaters without identifying is a violation of the rules.  It also will bestow the title of “LID” or poor operator upon you and if you are identified, the ire of the repeater control operators, trustees, and owners with formal complaints lodged with the FCC.  You do not want to receive a letter from the FCC Enforcement Bureau asking you to contact them and discuss unidentified transmissions.