W4WC AJARC Club Information

Important Announcements

Monday night 9 PM net is simulcast on the full time linked 145.390 88.5,  443.575 100.0, and 53.290 100.0 repeaters.

AJARC is a 501(c) registered organization.  All donations are tax deductible.  AJARC also participates in Amazon SMILE where Amazon will donate to AJARC if you purchase through the SMILE link.  https://smile.amazon.com/ch/58-1505966

Are you a new Technician and learning about repeaters?  Please read this page!  https://ajarc.org/operating-on-ham-repeaters/

For more club announcements visit our announcements page and our events page


Live Snapshot Feed from W4WC Repeater Site

From Camp Creek Bald Fire Tower
12 miles South of Greeneville TN

Camp Creek Bald Mountain Fire Tower North View

Camp Creek Bald Mountain Fire Tower North View (Northern Greene County  Chimney Top Mountain, and Cold Springs Mountain)

Camp Creek Bald Mountain Fire Tower Greeneville View

Camp Creek Bald Mountain Fire Tower Greeneville View (Includes Mosheim) This camera is unprotected from snow and ice buildup and may be obscured at times.

On Friday, Aug 24, 2018, a drone visited the fire tower.   Video is at this link.

Club Meeting Information

THE AJARC MONTHLY MEETING WILL WILL  BE HELD AT 7PM ON December 7th at Trinity Methodist Church Fellowship Hall.  A covered dish dinner will be held and Dirty Santa will once again visit this year.  Dirty Santa rules are at this link: https://ajarc.org/dirty-santa-rules-for-christmas-party/

The January 4th meeting will return to the tent at Old Oak Taproom.

VEC Testing has resumed.  Watch announcements for test sessions given in our area or contact N4MRK via QRZ or the webmaster.

Please read the announcements page for the latest news or changes to the meeting schedule.  AJARC  thanks all attendees of the Greeneville Hamfest  and the Greeneville Tailgate Party.

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Club Repeaters

AJARC operates 3 repeaters from the USFS fire tower on Camp Creek Bald Mountain 12 miles South of Greeneville.  The public is welcome to visit when members are at the site operating in radio contests or performing maintenance on equipment.  Contact us for more information on when the tower might be open.

W4WC/R 145.390

-600 kHz Tone 88.5

W4WC/R  443.575

+5 MHz Tone 100.0

 W4WC/R   53.290

-1 MHz Tone 100.0

All three repeaters are linked together and whatever is transmitted on one repeater is rebroadcast on the other. At this time we are revamping the courtesy tones to indicate what repeater a user is on.  Some users will find UHF penetrates buildings much better than VHF.

Greeneville / Greene  County Monday Net meets each Monday night @ 9:PM on 145.390, 443.575, and 53.290

Other Club Affiliated Repeaters

N4FV 147.060

+.600 88.5 Tone (Backup Repeater for 145.390 if it has issues)
linked to N4CAG full time.

N4CAG 443.150

+5 Mhz 100.0 Tone
Tone Linked to N4FV full time.

N4FV 441.975

+5 Mhz 100.0 Tone
Located on West Barton Ridge Rd in Greeneville and provides excellent coverage for low power HT’s within the city limits.

Hosting Donated By

Camera donated by Innovative Technologies

We thank the following business and agencies for their contributions and support.

Creamy Cup    Greenville City Schools   Boomco    Old Oak Taproom    Greeneville Builders Supply