Camp Creek Bald Mountain Fire Tower – Home of W4WC Repeaters

Home of W4WC Repeaters.  53.290 -1 mhz 100.0 CTCSS, 145.390 -600 khz 88.5 CTCSS, 443.575 +5 mhz 100.0 CTCSS

The fire tower is USFS government property.   The supporting frame was constructed in 1928.  The cabin was rebuilt in the 1960’s and changed from a square design to round.  When club members are conducting maintenance or club activities the general public is invited to visit.  Access to the cabin and catwalk are not open otherwise.  A record is kept of all visitors and we only ask for your name, city, and state of residence.

Antennas on the tower are for the repeaters and microwave links.