2021 Christmas Party

The 2021 Christmas Party and Potluck Dinner was held Tuesday, Dec 7th at Trinity United Methodist Church.

The 2021 Net Participation Awards participants were recognized and a drawing held for the quarterly winners for a Yaesu VX6r HT.  N4DWH Dennis Holt, W2BRN Bryan Smith, K3WLC Wade Coffie, and N4MRK Mark Slemp all earned a chance in the drawing for the HT with K3WLC Wade having his ticket drawn from the cup by Olivia, Chris Gass N4CAG’s harmonic.  Olivia was observed with a lollipop later in the evening and since Wade is a school bus driver, doubts that the drawing might have been rigged have now surfaced. 

AG4OB was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for his years of service as Primary Net Control for the AJARC Monday Net. 

Bryan Smith W2BRN received a Certificate of Achievement for the participant with the most activity. 

Certificates of Achievement were also given to members that trained or participated as Net Control and/or logger during the year.   Recipients were K3WLC, KN4MVH,  KO4LBE, N4DWH, N4JAB, N4MRK, and W2BRN. 

Dirty Santa was played after the meal and some people stole a few nice gifts during the game.  A rig blaster, jar of honey, ten dollar bill, and a bag of Brazilian coffee with 2 muscle car calendars were items that changed hands several times.  Pictures to be posted in a day or two.