AJARC May 5th Agenda


Agenda for Net Meeting

May 5th, 2020, 7 pm (19:00)

Location: Directed net on Club Repeaters on the 145.390/443.200/53.010.

Meeting to be led by Ian Bible.

Next meeting: June 2nd,  2020  Roby Center (depending on status of Covis-19 rules)
  1. Net Meeting (NetLogger will be used to track attendees.)

Normal meeting procedures modified to be held as a Directed Net and led by Ian Bible.  NETLOGGER can be found at https://www.netlogger.org/.

  1. Secretary/Treasurer report

Larry Whiteside: Prior meeting minutes are now on the web site. Agenda for the meeting should be posted on the AJARC web site. Club expenses for the month include GLPS payment of $26.00, and two checks were issued to reimburse members for expenses; one was issue to Larry Whiteside for the IRS paperwork filling fee ($275), and one to Bobby Gass for the new exterior camera at the tower ($64.99). Both had been authorized by membership.  

Membership:  We currently have 36 current memberships with 5 memberships expiring this month.  There are 3 honorees/trustees.

  1. Old business:

6 Meter repeater:  

501c3:  Larry Whiteside filed the paper work on April 8th, 2020 but has not received a response. IRS website stated that we should give them one month from the date of filing for them to respond.

Seismic equipment update (Ian):  Ian has a meeting set 4/30/2020 with John Parker regarding the equipment at the tower.

  1. New Business

ARES:  FEMA courses can be completed online to get your certifications. (https://training.fema.gov/is/crslist.aspx)

Field day: Larry Whiteside – Pavilion 3 has been reserved June 27-28, 2020. He was informed by Kinser Park staff to wait to pay fee until the date of the reservation. Larry will follow up before then to make sure that is acceptable.

Hamfest 2020: Larry Whiteside has been going through all the ticket stubs from 2019 and looking up email addresses based on call signs and adding them to an excel spread sheet to send out notices about the 2020 event. He plans to send out email reminder notices twice with a PDF attachment.

Web site (www.ajarc.org): Meeting minutes and other information is being updated to be sure to visit the site.

If you’re looking to becoming a licensed ham or just upgrade, there will be a testing opportunity in Rogersville on May 18th @ 5 PM.  The location is at Hawkins Co Gas, 202 Park BLVD, Rogersville TN.  Contact Rodney, W4WRE for more info:  w4wre66@gmail.com

Tower repairs:  

  1. Roundtable

Meeting ended at 19:??? 

Net Attendees from NETLOGGER

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 club meeting on the net, 7pm    


1 KE4EAC  
2 N4FV  
3 AG4OB  
4 KN4MVH  
5 N4MRK  
6 KN4JSF  
7 KJ4EOC  
8 KM4FYJ  
9 K4MIK  
10 N4RBJ  
11 N8LOU  
12 KN4PKP  
13 K3MIJ  
14 K4MIJ  
15 KI4ILI