AJARC April 7th Meeting Agenda


Agenda for Net Meeting

April 7th, 2020, 7 pm (19:00)

Location: As a directed net on Club Repeaters on the 145.390/443.200/53.010 repeaters.

Meeting to be led by Ian Bible KE4EAC via all W4WC repeaters.  Please follow check-in procedures as used during our regular Monday night net. 

Next meeting: May 5th,  2020  Roby Center
  1. Net Meeting (current plan is to use NetLogger).

Normal meeting procedures modified to be held as a directed Net and led by Ian Bible.

  1. Secretary/Treasurer report

Larry Whiteside KN4MVH:

Prior meeting minutes are now on the web site as PDF’s.

Membership:  We currently have 35 current memberships with 2 memberships expiring this month.  There are 3 honorees/trustees.

  1. Old business:

6 Meter repeater:  Ian to provide this report one the recent changes to this repeater.

2 Meter Antenna coverage:  New antenna has been purchased.

501c3:  Larry Whiteside to report on this. IRS paperwork ready but needs authorization to spend $275 to submit form. Larry will need to be reimbursed as they want it filed electrically, with payment by credit card.

  1. New Business


Field day: Larry Whiteside – Pavilion 3 has been reserved June 27-28, 2020 but the payment has not been made yet. Informed that they are only accepting cash payments now. No checks, only cash.

Web site:

Tower repairs: 

  1. Roundtable

Many HamFests have been canceled due to Covid-19.