Radio Procedure For Calling Weekly Net

NOTICE – If there are issues with the W4WC 145.390 repeater, the net may be moved and called on the N4FV 147.060 repeater with 88.5 tone.

Revised Radio Procedure for Calling The Greeneville, Greene County Emergency Net – 8-5-19

Calling the Greeneville, Greene Country Emergency Net. This is (Your Call Sign) & my name is (Your Name).  I am net control for this (evening, afternoon, morning). This net meets each Monday night at 9 P.M. local time on the frequency of 145.39 MHz for the purpose of passing traffic, training of Radio operators & otherwise promoting the uses of Amateur Radio.  This is a directed net, all stations should call net control for any requests to use the frequency.

If you have internet access via a home computer, checkins are also taken through Netlogger, available at If you check in via Netlogger, please do not check in via RF unless you have priority traffic or an announcement and indicate that when checking in.

Standing by for any emergency or other traffic.

Any Formal Announcements?

Are there any mobile stations that need to check in?

Standing by for check ins from Greeneville or Greene County.

Standing by for check ins from Tennessee

Standing by for any stations outside Tennessee.

(Proceed through the Netlogger list and solicit comments for stations that have not left the net in order of entry. )

Last call for checkins for the Greeneville Greene County Emergency Net.

(After all check ins & informal comments you can close the net with the following remarks:)  I want to thank everyone for checking into the net this evening.  I am now closing the Greeneville, Greene County Emergency net at ________ (Local time) & returning the frequency to normal use.  This is (your call).