BitX 40 Build

Some members of AJARC are starting a BitX 40 build group.

First meeting date will be 3 PM Saturday Jan 13th 2018 at Roby.

All Builders – Please visit  and look at mods you may like to install in your build.  I recommend this firmware as it has a lot of features.  There are other websites on the internet with other mods and hacks. If you wish to install any of those, please start planning. Be aware that most will require editing the Arduino code.

We will be adding a 100 pf capacitor on the bottom of the board to suppress the 2nd harmonic to meet FCC requirements, adding 2 diodes to prevent damage to the front end from nearby transmitters, and installing 1-2 diodes to protect the radio if polarity is reversed.  I have all of those parts.  I also have extra USB cables to fit the Radiuno.

If you attend the Morristown Hamfest look for better knobs than what came with your accessories.


Notice:  A new version called UBITX was released on 12-19-2017.  This is a 80-10 meter 10 watt transceiver sold in the same format as the Bitx40.  There will be one on display at Morristown Hamfest. I also have one and have started assembling it into a case.   The UBITX is newly released so there are very few mods available for it at this time.

The Ubitx board is $109 shipped with a price increase to $129 after the holidays.

The $59 Bitx 40 monoband 40 meter board is still available.  You can purchase at

India Post delivery is about 4 weeks and if you order a case and AGC board from InKits, that is the only shipping option for it.

If you are not interested in making your own case, cases are available at Inkits.  Universal cases that are available will fit the new Ubitx and will soon be availble.  If cases are not in stock, keep watching as they restock on a regular basis. You can view cases at

Due to complexities of making a case, our group will not be concentrating on DIY cases and will be more concentrated on assembling the boards into a manufactured case reminiscent of the Heathkit days.

If you are placing an order for a case I would recommend buying the $8 AGC printed circuit board.  I have sourced enough parts to build up 5 of the AGC boards. At this time only 2 parts set remain available for the AGC board but I do not have the headers and plugs.

Use the contact form to let me know if you are getting involved in the build and have ordered your Bitx.  We anticipate starting right after the Christmas holidays.

As of 12-9-17, I have 3 committed builders.  Other have indicated interest but not confirmed ordering boards.

If the web contact form is not working for you, get my email address from QRZ.

Bob N4FV

Committed Builders


Other links of interest about the Bitx 40 –